BPW Fellows

BPW International Fellows Program is open to BPW members or non-BPW members of BPW and for both men and women. They are leaders in the private or public sector who have achieved excellence and promote the interest of women in businesses and the professions and subscribe to the aims of the organization. BPW International Fellows raise and strengthen the visibility of BPW International, enabling it to be one of the most influential, world's leading women’s organization contributing their knowledge and expertise to its development, growth and empowerment with an unparalleled opportunity to influence greater recognition for women in business and the professions. 

The List of BPW Fellows

History of BPW Fellows

BPW International Fellows program was first introduced in 1996 to recognizes the achievements of individuals in any sphere of business or professional life and pools their experience and ideas as resources to further the noble aspirations of the organization.  The program celebrates the vision of Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips, the founder of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International).


BPW Fellows enjoy international recognition, friendships, networking and interaction with interesting and influential people from all over the world. The BPW International Fellows receive a special pin and benefits such as BPW International publications, digital and print media listings, opportunities to attend regional conferences and international congresses and invitations to exclusive functions at the international Congresses.

(Non-member International Fellows cannot run for office nor exercise the right to vote, however).

How to Apply

BPW Fellows is accepted through a nomination and/or application process which is subject to approval by the executive board, along with a onetime fee of €1000 which is placed in the international fund for various BPW educational and economic empowerment projects. 

Applications are available from the President’s Office.


For more information please contact

Giuseppina Seidita, 2nd Vice President - Chair Membership - BPW International Fellows

and President's Office (cc).