Friends & Fellows


Friends of BPW International are members who make annual donation to support BPW International. In particular, the money raised from friends donation is used to support administrative costs and to help clubs and young BPW members from economic disadvantaged countries to be able to attend and participate in the International Congress. There are several levels of Friends depending donation amount. 

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BPW International Fellows are leaders in the private or public sector who have achieved excellence and promote the interest of women in businesses and the professions as well as subscribe to the aims of the organization. Membership is accepted through a nomination and application process subject to approval by the executive board along with a sponsor fund, which is placed in the international fund for various BPW educational and economic empowerment projects. 

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BPW International thanks our Friends & Fellows at BPW International Congress each triennium by inviting them to attend Friends & Fellows Dinners. Today this dinner is called Livia Ricci’s Friends and Fellows Dinners to honor our Past International President Livia Ricci, who was dedicated to promote BPW International Friends & Fellows program. 

This dinner is often held at very special place. For example, at the XXIX BPW International Congress, this dinner was held at the Golden Hall, Manial Palace, Cairo in October 2017. In October 2008, it was held at Freda Kahlo Museum. 

Beside the dinner, each BPW Friends & Fellows receives special pin and receive newsletter from BPW International. Prior to digital age, the newsletters were mail to them to keep them up-to-date on activities. Today, it turns into BPW International E-News, which are distributed via email. However, Friends & Fellows can also get up-to-the minute BPW News via social media like facebook.