International Theme 2021-2024

New Actions through Cooperation

The 3 pillars of the BPW International Theme 2021-2024


  • BPW International needs to invest in a professional sponsoring and fundraising expert to fund further education events, different projects like advocacy, economic as well as educational and agricultural projects. 
  • Our sponsors, the Friends & Fellows, have to be revived.  
  • COVID-19 has taught us that we can very well connect virtually. I would therefore shorten the travel budget of the president and invest more in virtual tools.


  • The existing system of administrators has to be consolidated.
  • For the management of our sponsors, the Friends & Fellows, a special administrator has to be added. 
  • The resolution of Cairo Congress to have a continuity in the Office of the President has to be implemented.


  • The new digital tools are a challenge but a great opportunity for our worldwide BPW network. We have to develop the tools which fit our goals. Digital Leaders’ Summits and further education webinars to specific topics will be the tools of our future. 
  • As in former times, together with a team I will produce a regular BPW International Newsletter.
  • With the new Executive I will develop strategies to make BPW more visible and to attract more members.