Badges of Honor

Awards to BPW member(s) who exhibit leadership skills in her or his business or profession; regards as role model in his or her community or country in improving status of women. 

President's Award

BPW International President gives this award to individuals who greatly assist and support her during her presidency. 


Lena Madesin Phillips Award

Awards to an individual BPW member who is a member for over 17 years and makes a significant contribution to the development of BPW at international level and/or improve the status of women as inspired by Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips, founder of BPW International.

Gertrude Mongella Award

Awards to an individual or organization who shows a strong commitment to the philosophies of BPW and who have participated in activities to improve the Status of grassroot Women.


The Power to Make a Difference Award

BPW Power to Make a Difference Awards recognize and honor contribution of BPW members and BPW affiliates through their Leadership, Advocacy and Action.


  • For Leadership - 3 awards are given to individual BPW members: Excellent Business Leaders, Excellent Professional Leaders and Excellent Young Leader.
  • For Advocacy - Excellent Advocacy for Women awards are given to Top 3 BPW affiliates that successfully advocate for gender equality.
  • For Action - Awards are given to Top 5 BPW affiliates whose projects help women to sustain themselves. Giving out money is not allowed, but other things like offer skill training, give advise, time, opportunities, etc. Improving women’s health and the environment also count as action that contribute toward women’s sustainability. 

CEO Gender Equality Award

Awards to male and/or female CEO(s) who are committed to transform business and professional environment towards an inclusive gender equality leadership culture, thereby creating better workplaces, marketplaces and communities for all.

Jennifer Cox Memorial Award

Award to the region, which, in the opinion of the judging panel, best demonstrates the activities of the region through their extent, diversity and capacity for helping improve the status of women.